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Property Manager Townsville

Property Manager Townsville

Find Your Next Property Manager in Townsville

Do you have an investment property and are you looking for a property manager in Townsville to look after your valued asset? Look no further than the specialist property management team at Northern Realty Townsville.

There are plenty of local property management companies, but why not choose a real estate agency in Townsville who has a great reputation and a great team of property managers?

What to Look for in a Property Manager:

When it comes to finding a property manager for your investment property, many Landlords aren’t quite sure what to look for - and it can be very confusing trying to choose between two or more agencies.

Northern Realty offers Landlords a range of services including:

  • Thorough Tenant Selection
  • Tenancy Preparation & Execution
  • Marketing Vacant Properties with a Low Vacancy Rate
  • Trust Accounting & Invoice Processing
  • Maintenance
  • Affordable Management Fees

Choosing your property manager comes down to finding someone you can trust to manage your valued asset correctly and with your interests in mind. You need someone who understands Queensland’s tenancy laws and stays on top of any changes, as well as someone who can pay attention to the small details.

Why should you use Northern Realty property management for your Townsville investment?

Tenancy Selection

At Northern Realty, we only choose quality tenants. Our screening process includes checking employment, past rental references and personal references plus criminal history. We only choose tenants with good rental and employment backgrounds, which ensures that your property is looked after and rent is paid on time.

Tenancy Agreements

At Northern Realty we only use REIQ Tenancy Agreements as well as Entry Condition Reports, Bond Lodgment Forms and inventories as required.

Once your Tenant has been approved, they will pay one week’s rent to secure the property, and then upon signing the tenancy agreement, they will pay another week's rent and four weeks' bond. The bond will be lodged with the RTA, where it is kept until the Tenant vacates.

Property Vacancies

Every Investor will experience a time when their Tenant vacates. When this happens to you, we’ll discuss with you the current rental market so that we can determine the best advertised rental price, as well as any maintenance that needs to be undertaken at the property.

Our property managers will always aim to have your investment property filled quickly, but from time to time there may be a delay in filing your property. If this happens with your property, we will speak with you to discuss options on getting a new Tenant into your investment.

Trust Accounting & Invoice Processing

Every property investor wants to be paid on time to ensure their bills and mortgage (if any) can be paid. Northern Realty offers a range of services for our Landlords from collecting the rent and paying for maintenance through to receiving and organising payment for all bills.

When you talk to our property management team, we’ll discuss the option with you to find what suits your needs.


When it comes to maintenance of your property, at Northern Realty we only use experienced & insured contractors. From electricians and plumbers to carpenters, appliance repairers and general handymen, repairs and maintenance will be looked after without delay.

Affordable Management Fees

Choosing a property manager based on fees alone is never a good idea! We invite you to make an appointment with our Licensed Director and Senior Property Manager to discuss your property and what we can offer you.

Why Choose Northern Realty?

Why should you choose the friendly and professional team at Northern Realty? We are a leading property management team in the Townsville area, with a strong history as a leading real estate agency. Our team is known for the exceptional service they provide to every property investor and tenant.

With high occupancy, minimal vacant days between tenants, and higher rental returns, our experienced team can help you own a successful investment property.

What Landlords Love About Northern Realty

We are always aiming to treat your rental property as if it were our own. The decisions we make on everything from Tenants through to choosing the right repairers is based on the decisions we would make if we owned your property.

Our property investors also love our small close knit team where there is very little turnover in the property management department. Often landlords don’t know who they are speaking to on the phone - our team will foster great relationships with you and your tenants, working with everyone to provide great outcomes.

What can you expect from the property management team at Northern Realty? A team who:​

  • Is customer focused
  • Has great communication
  • Is accountable
  • Will always aim to maximise your rental returns

Talk to Us About Your Property ​

We welcome you to make a booking with Gavin Micola, our licensed Director, and Danielle Staines, our Senior Property Manager, to find out how we could turn your property investment around. We’ve worked with Landlords who are both Queensland, interstate and internationally based, ensuring they are getting the best out of their property investment. ​

If you’re looking for a new Townsville Property Manager, Northern Realty has the experienced team you need to ensure your investment is a success.

Contact us today ​